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Green alien head

Like so many things, this idea was taken from this site.

The Sites that are Green are the best sites
The Sites are Red are Okay
The Ones in Grey are the worst

Categorized sites:
FreeWebs/Tripod/MSN Sites:
Video Games:
Online Games:
Other Sites:
Website Builders:
T.V. Shows/Movies:
Search Engines:
www.searchengine.com (I don't know if this really exists or not)
Amusement Parks:
* These sites aren't bad content-wise, they're just bad or weird sites!   

Good Bands and good songs by them:
Billy Talent:
River Below, The Ex, This is How it Goes, Nothing to Lose, Line & Sinker
Sum 41:
No Reason, We're All to Blame, Fat Lip, Intro, The Hell Song, Crazy Amanda Bunkface, Over My head (Better Off Dead), My Direction
Jimmy Eat World:
Pain, Futures, Work, Just Tonight..., The World You Love, Sweetness
Way Away, Breathing, Ocean Avenue, Twenty-Three, Believe, Life of a Salesman
Holiday, American Idiot, Nice Guys Finish Last, Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Become What You Hate, Give it Up
Three on Speed, Separation of Church and Skate
The Killers:
All These Things that I've Done, Mr. Brightside
Queens of the Stone Age:
Little Sister, Go With the Flow, In my Head
My Chemical Romance:
Im not Okay (I promise), Helena
Simple Plan:
Shut Up!, Welcome to my Life, Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me), Addicted, One
Blink 182:
Stockholm Syndrome, Josie, Violence, I Miss You
Good Charlotte:
East Coast Anthem, Girls and Boys, We Believe, The Anthem
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones:
You Gotta Go!
Flogging Molly:
Drunken Lullabies, What's Left of the Flag
My Chemical Romance:
Helena, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Give 'Em Hell, Kid, You Know What They Do To uys Like Us in Prison    

Ralph Wiggum