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PICZO          PICZO
One Liner of the Week: Welcome to Snata's Vllage where evertyday is Christmas. Closed on Chrirstmas.  

Take my quiz! Write your answers down, adn then E-mail me at alexsallas@hotmail.com to see what Simpsons character you are!
P.S. Remember to put 'Wet-Willy Simpsons Quiz' in the subject line. 
How old are you?
a@ 1 second-2 years
b@ 3 years- 8 years
c@ 9 years- 18 years
d@ 19 years +
Are you married?
a@ yes
b@ no
c@ used to be
d@ have ben more than 2 times
Were you popular in school?
a@ yes, very popular
b@ no, not really
c@ extremely, I was the popular student in the school!
d@ never was popular in school
What kind of music do you listen to (most often)?
a@ punk rock
b@ classical
c@ rap/hip hop
d@ disco
Do you wear glasses?
a@ yes
b@ no, I never have
c@ I used to
d@ if sunglasses count, then yes
That's it!