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The Late Show starring Tiny Man

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Tiny Man

(This picture taken from www.mtv.com)


Tiny man would like to show you a song that he wrote:
I may be tiny
Although I'm whiny
Ralph Wiggum rules
Hilary Duff drools
Why is their .cwk
After every document on the computers at school
And people writing in the class meeting book, I had a great day
Our laptops are cool
By: Tiny Man

On the late show, I had this to say:
Host: Tiny Man why are you so tiny?
Tiny Man: Well, I'm not a 'man' for starters. I'm tiny because where I come from, everybody is tiny!
Host: Well, that's all I have.
Tiny Man: What?
Host: Well, that's all I know about you, is how tiny you are, and that you're running for mayor.
Tiny Man: True.

Tiny Man's speech for mayor goes like this:
"My fellow 'people', can't we all just get along, and other stuff like that. If you elect me mayor, you'll not only be getting a better mayor, you'll also be getting a dose of Tiny Man for once. I believe that the world needs a better mayor, and I'm the one to be that better mayor! Remember, if you want save-your-dimey, and not crimey, then vote for me, Tiny Man!"