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After all of these millions of years I finally edited this site. I will be placing a somewhat useless list of things never to do here, so here it goes...
1@ Never jump off a bridge
2@ Eat something that says "WARNING: may contain excesive amounts of grease/snot"
3@ Type hi hi hi after hi every hi sentence hi that hi you hi make hi
4@ Go to the German schintzel restaurant
5@ Watch 'Gigli'
6@ Stalk Michael Jackson


An interview with...
Paris Hilton
Paris, do you know why your album sales have drastically disproved?
Maybe it's because my music stinks.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! All those girls shall die under the power of my Kalichnikov AK-47 assault rifle!
Maybe later... anyway, do you believe that you should get married soon?
What do you take me for an idiot, I'm already engaged! To Barney Gumble, as it so happens to be! I'm only about 29, but I think I'm mature enough to get married!
What is your favourite number?
Obviously it's M! M is the best number because it reminds me of my favourite letter, blue!
Do you one day hope to get a world record for most annoying singer ever?
Haven't I already?
Do you have a motto?
Yes, and it is, umm... let me get back to you, I forget.


     Welcome to my site. I have never used Tripod before, so this site might be pretty bad. Obviously, I like Wet Willy a lot and I think he is cool.
      In other news, there is this 'reporter' who keeps signing all of our guestbooks on freewebas. He stinks! Anyway, be sure to explore this site, my other sites, and other STUFF!!! Remember, Gordon the Snake!

Wow. Thijus is so much more different then Freewebs. Oh well. I'll get used to it. If you are interested in my other websites, go to: www.freewebs.com/harpoon2 or www.freewebs.com/hotdog4 . Please, check my other pages on this website, and my pages on my other websites, and I hope ya like them! 

Hello. I will defeat Wet Willy. Posted by Flame Boy 6/27/05

MY Home Page RUles.
Chicken Wings are good.
Rod=ney Mullen is too.
Gigli is horrible.
So is the German Schintzel Restaurant.


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Welcome. The Simpsons rules. Remember to always watch it when the chance arrives.